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Hachuma Montañita

Hotel, restaurant, bar in the heart of Montañita in a quiet environment.

The Hachuwa Hotel in Montañita is one of the more comfortables that offers you all the services to enjoy a good holiday.

We have a Restaurant and Bar service very complete in a family atmosphere. We also offer surf lessons, equipment hire, surf trips,...


Hotel Hotel

* Comfortables Room
* Air Conditioning
* Private Bathroom
* Quiet Enviroment
* Internet


Restaurant Restaurant

* Breakfast, Lunch and dinners
* Wide Charter
* Fish and Seafood
* House specialities


Bar Bar

* The best cocktails
* Exotic fruits
* Modern Music
* Pool
* Videos


Surf Surf

* Surf School
* All levels
* Equipment hire
* Surf Trips

Hachuwa web in English Hachuwa web in Spanish
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c/Guido Chiriboga y Vicente Rocafuerte - Montañita - Santa Elena - Ecuador
EC241702 EC - info@montanitahachuwa.com

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